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Use & Occupancy

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Use & Occupancy

All new and resale homes and businesses in the Borough of Trappe require a valid “Use & Occupancy Certificate” to be in possession of the new property owner before the structure may be inhabited or used as a business.

The use must be approved as an allowed use in the zoning district and in order to make that determination a Zoning Use Application should be submitted with the U&O application.

A general checklist of items that will be looked at during Use & Occupancy inspections is available below.

Failure to complete the process necessary to obtain a “Use & Occupancy Certificate” prior to settlement/taking possession of the structure can potentially have negative outcome as follows: (1) fines will be issued in accordance with the current year’s Fee Schedule; and (2) being served with a Cease and Desist Order requiring evacuation of the premises until a valid Use & Occupancy Certificate has been issued.