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Permits & Code Office

The Borough of Trappe is committed to doing its part to ensure the safety and general welfare of the people and properties within its boundaries. To this end, the Borough Council adopted the PA Uniform Construction Code as its municipal building code in 2004 (ref. Borough Code §135 Article VI), the Property Maintenance Code in 2008 (ref. Borough Code §243-1 by Ord. No. 407) and the “Trappe Borough Zoning Ordinance of 1973”.
Permits are separated into two basic categories – Zoning and Building – each serving a different role. Doing any type of work without the required building and/or zoning permits may seem easier at the moment, but doing so is not in your best interest. It is likely to cost you in both time and money when you go to resell your home. See individual Permit Applications for specific details.


Inspections are conducted pursuant to the PA Uniform Construction Code which was adopted by Borough Council in 2004 as its building code (ref. Borough Code §135 Article VI).

About the Borough Code Office

The Code Office in Trappe consists of the Borough Code Official (BCO) and the Permit Clerk. In order to obtain the expertise needed while remaining most cost-effective Trappe has opted to use the services of a third-party agency.
The typical duties of this team include processing of applications, reviewing submitted plans and performing inspections of construction for compliance with the PA Uniform Construction Code, and preparation of permits and certificates once all inspections are completed successfully, as well as following up in instances where violations of code are discovered.

Municipal Building Code/Borough Code

Trappe Borough makes its code available online through the eCode360 service. The following link goes to the Trappe Borough library at the eCode360 site: Trappe Borough Code at eCode360.

In order to save yourself time, money and frustration, you are encouraged to use this tool to help educate yourself of the established requirements prior to making changes to your property.

Permit applications can be found on the Permit Applications Tab (Home Page/Margin on Left side/Permits Applications)