Road Program

The Borough of Trappe has a Road Maintenance Program whereby all Borough owned roads are on a multiyear maintenance schedule.

The Borough’s program over the past years included:

  • 2020 West First Avenue was milled/repaved and five ADA ramps were replaced.  North Borough Line Road was also repaved as a joint project with Upper Providence Township.
  • 2019 resurfacing of E First Avenue from College Avenue to Oak Road, Florenz Avenue, Heritage Park Blvd, center portion of Linden Drive, Marian Road, Sugar Hill Circle & Ursinus Avenue. Stormwater improvement were made on Center Avenue and W. First Avenue
  • 2018 resurfacing of  Ash Street, Bonny Brook Avenue, Center Avenue, a portion of Cherry Avenue, Holly Drive, Nicholas Lane, and Oak Road
  • 2017 resurfacing and improved drainage of Betcher Road and Clahor Avenue. Resurfacing of Borough Line Road from W. Seventh Avenue to North Borough Line Road
  • 2016 resurfacing of Joan Drive, Linden Drive and Linden Street
  • 2015 resurfacing of a portion of Cherry Avenue and all of E. Seventh Avenue
  • 2014 resurfacing, rebuilding and improved drainage of Borough Line Road from W. Seventh Avenue to Route 113 with improvements to the intersection with Route 113

Prior to repaving the underground storm sewers are videoed so any needed repairs can be identified.  Public water and sewer infrastructure is also evaluated so any required work can also be completed prior to the final paving.

Curb repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner. (See, TBC §286-14). As the road maintenance work gets underway, property owners should know that if you have damaged curbs along your property repairs will need to be made.   As a last resort, the Borough’s contractor will make the necessary repairs and the property owner will be invoiced for the repair work based on the bid price per linear foot of curb replacement.


Road Program Schedule

The Road Program Schedule is subject to change depending on current circumstances. The Borough will advise residents of any changes. Residents should plan ahead to be prepared to make the necessary curbs repairs in a timely manner. To view the Road Program Schedule with the planned project description click Road Projects updated 8-1-19 2020-2022


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