Resolutions are passed by a majority vote of Borough Council at their monthly public meetings as necessary.

Online access to Trappe Borough Resolutions is provided for the current year and the prior three (3) calendar years.   Copies of official Trappe Borough documents prior to this time frame are available at Trappe Borough Hall.


2016-01 Northstar Farm Subdivision
2016-02 None
2016-03 Memorial Day Parade Permit
2016-04 PennDOT Permit Application: Bike Ride with the Mayor
2016-05 Designation of Agent Resolution
2016-06 Multimodal Transportation Grant Application
2016-07 Bank Signature Authorization
2016-08 Water Rate Increase
2016-09 Highway Occupancy Permit
2016-10 Appropriate Funds to Meet Expenditures Exceeding Budgeted Amounts
2016-11 Adopting 2017-2021 Budget


2015-01 PennDOT Permit Application: Bunny Hop 5K Run
2015-02 PennDOT Permit Application: Memorial Day Parade
2015-03 PECO Green Region Open Space Program Application: Rambo Park-Main Street Connection
2015-04 PennDOT Permit Application: Bike Ride with the Mayor
2015-05 Adopt the Updated Emergency Operations Plan
2015-06 DCED Greenways Grant
2015-07 Multimodal Transportation Grant Application
2015-08 Stearly Waivers
2015-09 Stearly Final Approval
2015-10 Old School New House Development
2015-11 Appointment of Independent Auditors
2015-12 Old School Land Development Final Plan Approval
2015-13 Approve CTJPW Water Rate Changes
2015-14 Approve Changes to Fees Associated to CTJPW Water Service
2015-15 Appropriate Funds to Meet Expenditures Exceeding Budgeted Amounts
2015-16 Adopting 2016-2020 Budget


2014-01 Adopting 2014 Fee Schedule
2014-02 Bunny Hop 5K Run PennDOT Permit Application
2014-03 Adopting the CPVRPC Comprehensive Plan 2013 Update
2014-04 Memorial Day Parade PennDOT Permit Application
2014-05 Bike Ride with the Mayor PennDOT Permit Application
2014-06 MUTCD Sign Maintenance Program
2014-07 2014 DCED Greenways, Trails & Recreation Program for Rambo Park / Main Street Connection
2014-08 Authorize application for PennDOT Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant for street light LED relamping
2014-09 Appropriate funds to meet expenditures exceeding budgeted amounts
2014-10 Adopt 2015-2019 Budget
2014-11 Appoint John Klink as Borough Treasurer
2014-12 Appoint Mike Italia as Emergency Management Coordinator / Fire Marshal


2013-01 Adopting 2013 Fee Schedule
2013-02 CTJPWD Water Rate Increase
2013-03 5K Bunny Hop/PennDOT Race Permit
2013-04 2013 Memorial Day Parade/PennDOT Parade Permit
2013-05 Adoption of Hazard Mitigation Plan
2013-06 Tax Collection Committee Appointees
2013-07 Amending 2013 Fee Schedule
2013-08 DCNR Grant Application for Peck MacIlwain Trail
2013-09 Bike Ride with Mayor/PennDOT Race Permit
2013-10 CTJPWD Merger
2013-11 Amendment to CTMA Articles of Incorporation
2013-12 Appointment of Inclement Weather Coordinator
2013-13 Appointment of Auditor
2013-14 Amendment to CTMA Articles of Incorporation/Compost
2013-15 Adoption of 2014-2018 Budget
2013-16 PECO Green Region Grant Application
2013-17 Budget Appropriations


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