Trappe Walkable Community

Mission: To partner with surrounding municipalities, Montgomery County and the State of Pennsylvania to provide the residents of and visitors to Trappe Borough with the ability to safely walk and/or bike to existing/new trails, open spaces, parks, historical buildings, businesses, school and other communities through the use of existing and/or new sidewalks, walking trails, roads and cross-walks.  Partnerships will enhance all grant applications.

The Case for a Walkable Community

  • Health benefits/reduced healthcare costs
  • Environmental benefits (reduced negative impact on environment)
  • Promotes safe travel for pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Identified as a high priority for Trappe residents (based on 3 prior surveys)
  • Potentially reduces traffic congestion
  • Potentially increases economic development

Municipalities in PA who have Excellent Walkable Communities:

  • Skippack, Doylestown, Manayunk, Mt. Lebanon, Glenside, Chestnut Hill

Walkable Community Committee Scope and Action Steps

  • Scope: Sidewalks, hiking, road shoulders, walking & exercising trails, bicycle routes/lanes
  • Collect feedback from Trappe Borough Council members, the Mayor, residents and businesses
  • Assess current state for additional opportunities. Conduct a community walkability audit.Initial list of specific goals (committee)
  • Initial prioritization of specific goals (committee)
  • Develop Walkable Community action plan
  • Secure approval of Trappe Borough Council to proceed on next steps
  • Determine planning and funding opportunities (Montgomery county, State, orgs, etc.)
  • Develop a recommended pedestrian and bicycle plan based on opportunities, benefits and risks (including projected timing, phases and cost).
  • Finalize actions plan including volunteer and funding sources
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Address & Contact
Trappe Borough Hall
525 West Main Street Trappe, PA 19426
(610) 489 - 7181
(610) 489 - 8827 (Fax)
Hours of Operation
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Monday – Friday
Red Flag Reporting

Find us on…
Emergency: 911

Skippack Barracks
2047C Bridge Road
Schwenksville, PA 19473
(610) 584-1250

Community Services Officer:
Trooper Loretta J. Miree