2018 Borough Achievements

Link:  2018 Trappe Borough Achievements


      Trappe Borough Achievements 2018


    1.  The following streets were milled and overlaid in 2018:  Ash St., Bonny Brook Ave.,  Center Ave., a portion of Cherry Ave., Holly Dr., Nicholas Ln., and Oak Rd.
    1. Trappe and Collegeville jointly purchased a property north of the W. 7th Ave. compost site for future storage of road salt, which is currently stored outside the Boroughs.
    1. Trappe Borough was awarded a $282,500 PA Green Light Go Grant to fund 80% of the cost to upgrade traffic and pedestrian signals on W. Main St. at both Rt. 113 and the Trappe Shopping Center.  Subsequently Montgomery County also awarded Trappe Borough $31,600 for biking enhancements to the same intersections and general road resurfacing.
    1. Connor Whitson, a local college student and resident diligently worked to catalogue and scan more than 4,000 plot plans.  These plans were previously stored in the basement of Trappe Borough Hall in no particular order.  The physical and electronic copies are now          accessed by Borough staff as needed for research purposes.
    1. The bargaining unit at Collegeville-Trappe Joint Public Works Department, Collegeville Borough and Trappe Borough ratified a four-year labor contract.
    1. A guide to Trappe Council meetings was created and will be provided at monthly Council meetings to help and encourage residents to participate in their local government.
    1. A public Spotted Lanternfly information session was held at Trappe Borough Hall in order to provide the latest information on how to cope with this invasive species.
    1. Drainage was improved at the Marion Dr. curve by replacing a deteriorated storm pipe with one of greater capacity in order to remove stormwater from the road more quickly.
    1. Council proactively instituted a Red Flag Reporting System to provide a hotline for the Confidential reporting of fraud, waste, abuse or safety issues related to Trappe Borough government.
    1. Council started providing a summary of Council meetings available on the website a few days after the meeting rather than waiting for the draft minutes to be posted.

      All of the above were accomplished without raising municipal real estate taxes.  Trappe Borough maintains its status as having the third lowest municipal real estate tax in Montgomery County.

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      Address & Contact
      Trappe Borough Hall
      525 West Main Street Trappe, PA 19426
      (610) 489 - 7181
      (610) 489 - 8827 (Fax)
      Hours of Operation
      8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
      Monday – Friday
      Red Flag Reporting

      Find us on…
      Emergency: 911

      Skippack Barracks
      2047C Bridge Road
      Schwenksville, PA 19473
      (610) 584-1250

      Community Services Officer:
      Trooper Loretta J. Miree